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Four ways annual appraisals kill results

ObjectiveManager | 8 December 2016

Feedback, HR, Appraisals

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Pavlov taught us that feedback, both positive and negative, reinforces behaviour. Though positive feedback has a stronger impact on behaviour setting, it’s still important to address negative issues to stop bad behaviour before it causes damage.

The problem is that in the busy world of law firms, feedback often comes but once a year in the form of an annual appraisal. For strong personal development, this is simply not efficient for a number of reasons.

Five ways to get lawyers to collaborate

Ray Oldfield | 24 October 2016

HR, Appraisals, Teamwork

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Collaboration is infamously difficult to foster in law firms. Lawyers are doggedly competitive and want to reap the full financial reward of their own intellectual and origination efforts.

Unfortunately, this works against the ambitions of the firms they are a part of. Today, individual expertise is effectively a commodity that clients can easily replace if they find another firm offering it at a better price.

How to give better feedback

ObjectiveManager | 19 September 2016

Feedback, HR, Appraisals

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It’s almost performance review season and, if you want to give better feedback, it may be time to forget traditional, numerical appraisals and management systems.

This is according to research by the NeuroLeadership Institute, who observe that more and more firms – including big names like Deloitte and Accenture – are moving away from ‘forced ranking’ and structured performance appraisal methods and embracing conversations focused on employee growth and development.